Bsc. (Hons) Osteopathic Medicine ND DO.

Ken Brooks Osteopath

SCENAR - Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator

Ken Brooks is a qualified SCENAR practioner. One of only 2 within the Worcestershire area. The following information will explain what SCENAR is all about and how it works. For more information, advice and rates please ask at the clinic or contact us at the above phone number.




The SCENAR device was originally developed as a part of the secret Soviet space programme. The goal was to create a small, portable, highly effective device, to maintain the peak health of the astronauts, as medications could not be used. SCENAR Therapy is a comfortable, non-invasive treatment using a handheld device, which is applied directly to the area of pain or injury (it is not TENS or ultrasound). SCENAR Therapy is a safe and painless treatment and it is suitable for adults and children.


Why Is SCENAR Different?


The SCENAR device produces a very special type of signal which is different to other types of electo-stimulators. This signal is able to influence a special type of nerve fibre (called "C" fibres) which unlike other devices are able to activate the body's natural healing mechanisms. Additionally, the SCENAR device measures the individual's response to the signal, and creates a "dialogue" between the device and the patient. Each signal received by the patient is different from the previous one and therefore the body continues to respond. With other devices, each signal is the same and eventually the body adapts to them and they are no longer effective.

Another difference between SCENAR and some other therapies, which may require you to have indefinite ongoing treatment, is that SCENAR takes the body through the healing cycle to completion. This means that once your treatment is finished, it is unlikely that you will need further treatment for the same problem.Ā© 2015

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